Michael Smith Switchgear Facility

Carbon Neutral
and CSR

Michael Smith Switchgear Carbon Neutral

Reducing carbon

Sustainability is at the heart of manufacturing at Michael Smith Switchgear.

We started our journey towards becoming Carbon Neutral in 2018 and achieved our target in 2022.

We offset more than 137 tonnes of CO2e across our Group in 2021 to become certified as Carbon Neutral. We now continue to work to align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

In the process, we have:

  • Installed LED lighting throughout the factory
  • Fitted 284 solar panels to the roof of our building to produce 102kW of electricity
  • Purchased two electric vans and installed onsite EV chargers
  • Taken ownership of 17.2 acres ancient Leicestershire woodland
  • Swapped to sustainable packaging

Building future workforces

Manufacturing businesses must harness the potential of young people if the UK industry is to prosper over coming decades. 

To achieve this, Michael Smith Switchgear works to capture the interest of younger generations in careers in the sector.

We participate in a range of activities to demonstrate to school leavers that there is an opportunity for career development in modern manufacturing for young people with the right mindset, soft skills, and behaviours.

  • Leicester and Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) enterprise adviser
  • Member of the BrightER Futures internship programme with De Montfort University Leicester (DMU)
  • Member of DMU Business and Law Faculty Board
  • Awarded ISO 45003 - the system for psychological wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Apprenticeship partnership with Leicester College.
Future workforces
Supporting local charity

Supporting local charity

Michael Smith Switchgear is a strong supporter of the work of Hope Against Cancer and is a member of its business club.

As well as fundraising activity, we take an active role in the governance of this important research charity’s project work.

Emily Smith chairs its Hopeful Futures Board, which encourages open conversations with the younger people about the importance of new research into early detection, prevention and treatments of cancer.

It works closely with schools, colleges and universities to provide an educational and supportive hub for those directly or indirectly affected by cancer. 

Our other charitable projects include:

  • Donation of a switchgear system to the Matt Hampson Foundation for its Get Busy Living Centre
  • Regular workplace collections for local foodbanks
  • Easter egg runs for local children’s charities.
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