Prioritising sustainability while manufacturing Low Voltage Switchgear

Prioritising sustainability while manufacturing Low Voltage SwitchgearPrioritising sustainability while manufacturing Low Voltage Switchgear

March 13, 2024

Our use of renewable energy sources reduced carbon emissions by up to 60%

For many years, Michael Smith Switchgear has provided high-quality and reliable low voltage switchgear. 

Over the last decade we shifted our focus towards prioritising sustainability in the manufacturing process. 

The global climate change crisis, and increasing demand from customers for energy-efficient products, are two of several reasons why we changed our approach. 

Our switchgear powers hospitals, big-name retailers, public buildings, and data centres - and we’ve seen our customers’ outlook changing in line with our own.

In 2013, we realised that we shared a vision to become a more sustainable manufacturer, employer and business. 

We set about making a plan and in doing so realised that addressing these issues would lead to not only environmental benefits but also futureproof the business.

Changing to sustainable manufacturing

The first step was to transform our manufacturing processes - we did this by focusing on several critical areas that contribute to sustainable manufacturing. 

An extensive R&D project helped us reduce our copper consumption by more than 20% across our switchboard manufacturing.

We also:

  • Audited and improved our supply chain management, prioritising suppliers that share our sustainability values.
  • Invested in renewable energy sources, installing a solar panel system that dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.
  • Started designing in more environmentally friendly materials to our products and packaging. 

Michael Smith Switchgear also invested significantly in leaner manufacturing processes, which minimise waste and reduce energy consumption.

All the while, we maintained our award-winning quality and safety standards.

You can read more about the measures we’ve implemented here

Positive outcomes

The changes have had a significant impact on our low voltage switchgear manufacturing, leading to a more sustainable production process as well as further building our reputation in our industry.

Our use of renewable energy sources reduced our carbon emissions by up to 60%. 

Meanwhile, the company's switch to more eco-friendly packaging has reduced our carbon footprint by 20%, while increasing our use of recycled materials has already saved the equivalent of 24 trees. 

All of these efforts have contributed to us becoming more sustainable, while ensuring we remain competitive in our market and continue to deliver innovative, high quality products.

Next steps on our sustainability journey

100% of the electricity we use is renewable.

We’ve come a long way but we’re not done yet. 

We plan to introduce more energy-efficient systems and technologies into our manufacturing processes to keep us at the forefront of sustainable low voltage switchgear manufacturing.

Our journey so far demonstrates our commitment to what comes next - steps towards an even more sustainable low voltage switchgear manufacturing process and our ultimate aim of becoming the most sustainable manufacturer, employer and business we can be.

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