BS EN 61439

CE Marking to IEC 61439-2 / BS EN 61439-2

Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd are to CE Mark LV Switchgear Assemblies in line with BS EN 61439-2

Is your current Switchgear supplier compliant and are you protected?

Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd CE mark LV Switchgear assemblies in line with the harmonised European and British Standard for Power Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies IEC 61439-2 and BS EN 61439-2.

Low Voltage Assemblies marketed within the EU have to comply with all relevant Directives and be CE marked. For the majority of Assemblies this requires compliance with the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.

BS EN 60439-1 has been revised and restructured.

The new standard to which low-voltage switchboards and motor control centres should be manufactured is BS EN 61439-2: Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies (PSC). This standard uses as a reference BS EN 61439-1: General rules.

BS EN 61439-1 is the General rules for the 61439 series and is referred to throughout BS EN 61439-2. Part 2 of the standard defines the specific requirements of power switchgear and controlgear Assemblies (PSC Assemblies), the rated voltage of which does not exceed 1,000 V a.c. or 1,500 V d.c.

BS EN 61439 Parts 1 & 2 are harmonized with IEC 61439 Parts 1 & 2 and EN 61439 Parts 1 & 2 respectively.

Switchgear assemblies manufactured by Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd fully meet BS EN 61439-2 and have independent Intertek ASTA certification for your independent guarantee of safety to the highest standard. See table 1 below for full list of tests independently verified by ASTA. All products are manufactured in line with our ISO9001:2008 certification and BS EN 61439-2 ASTA certificates.

LV Switchgear assemblies from Michael Smith Switchgear are manufactured in accordance with the following European Directives:

2006/95/EC Electrical Safety: The Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

2004/108/EC The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)

Table 1: Tests carried out by Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd verified by ASTA.

Characteristic to be verified Clauses or subclauses Verification by testing and design
Strength of material and parts: 10.2 Yes
Resistance to corrosion 10.2.2 Yes
Properties of insulating materials: 10.2.3 Yes
Resistance of insulating materials to normal heat Yes
Resistance to abnormal heat and fire due to internal electric effects Yes
Lifting 10.2.5 Yes
Marking 10.2.7 Yes
Degree of protection of enclosures 10.3 Yes
Clearances and creepage distances 10.4 Yes
Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits: 10.5 Yes
Effective continuity between the exposed conductive parts of the ASSEMBLY and the protective circuit 10.5.2 Yes
Effectiveness of the assembly for external faults 10.5.3 Yes
Incorporation of switching devices and components 10.6 Yes
Internal electrical circuits and connections 10.7 Yes
Terminals for external conductors 10.8 Yes
Dielectric properties: 10.9 Yes
Power-frequency withstand voltage 10.9.2 Yes
Impulse withstand voltage 10.9.3 Yes
Temperature-rise limits 10.10 Yes
Short-circuit withstand strength 10.11 Yes
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 10.12 Yes
Mechanical operation 10.13 Yes

There are numerous benefits to ensuring that any Switchgear assembly that is purchased is fully certified to BS EN 61439-2.

Confidence – Low-voltage Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies (PSC-Assemblies), by the nature of their application, may be installed for many years before they are called on to operate close to the limit of their intended capability, for example, under planned expansion or fault conditions. As a result, any marginal performance may not be immediately evident. With a verified PSC Assembly concerns of this nature are eliminated. The design is proven through a comprehensive design verification process which includes tests or other equivalent means. Where methods other than test are used, margins are included to ensure the specified performance is achieved. This is an essential assurance for user confidence.

Low-voltage Directive – The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations – implementing 'The Low-voltage Directive' (LVD) – require all electrical equipment to be safe in its intended use. As low-voltage switchgear has a basic safety function it must not only be safe to use, but must also be capable of performing its safety related duties in respect of problems elsewhere, in effect a double responsibility. If challenged by the enforcing authorities, all manufacturers and Duty Holders must be able to demonstrate they have met their obligations in respect of this onerous and statutory duty. There are several routes to demonstrating compliance, but the most readily and widely used is through unquestionable conformance to appropriate harmonised Standards. In the case of a PSC-Assembly, fully meeting BS EN 61439-2 ensures compliance with the LVD.

Electricity at Work Regulations – All manufacturers of PSC Assemblies and Duty Holders responsible for their use are obligated by these statutory safety Regulations. The provision and use of verified designs assists in demonstrating compliance with the following two Regulations:

Regulation 4(1): 'All systems shall at all times be of such construction as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practical, danger.'

Regulation 5: 'No electrical equipment shall be put into use where its strength and capability may be exceeded in such a way as may give rise to danger.'

It is therefore essential to use a verified assembly.

EMC Directive – In the case of PSC Assemblies, fully meeting BS EN 61439-2 is the easiest route to presumption of compliance with the EMC Directive.

CE Marking – Low voltage Assemblies marketed within the European Union (EU) have to comply with all relevant Directives and be CE marked. For the majority of Assemblies this requires compliance with the Low Voltage and the EMC Directives.

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References: Beama Publication (October 2009): Guide to Verification of Low Voltage Power Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies (PSC)

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